From Brian Bolli, Toronto

I am so sad to hear of Fred’s passing. I truly loved this old guy, if even from afar. I have followed him and his work for several years. My friends and I had the honest to goodness pleasure of meeting Fred a few times and getting to know him ‘in person’. It started with our first meeting in Vaison La Romaine back in 2002 when we bumped into him in a restaurant overlooking the river. Four years later when a group of us went back to France, I called Fred and he invited us to visit him in La Motte. It was a most memorable day – the drive itself through that spectacular countryside – and then the 4 hours lunching with Fred, visiting his two homes (he had just purchased a second home he was going to fix up) and seeing his latest creations! Man, we had a GOOD time – he treated us so royally – and to this day my friends still talk about that trip and the meeting with Fred Yates.
It was not only Fred, but it was his paintings. They were so authentic and natural, one had to admire and love them. When we talked with Fred about his art, he told us how concerned he was about “fame” stealing away his creative talent. He was afraid of losing that creative edge and so, I think, lived his life – simply, to say the least – in order to retain and grow that creativity he so wanted to express.

When I came back from that trip I created a web site for my friends to look at. Amongst other things, that web site contains a “Homage to Fred Yates” and a short video of Fred playing the piano in his home in La Motte. I hope that this portion might be interesting for fans of Fred to view.


Brian Bolli


One Response to “From Brian Bolli, Toronto”

  1. 1 Jane Carruthers

    Could i have the link to the website showing the “Homage to Fred Yates” please? – I never purchased one of Fred’s painting, but love his work and have read his book C’est Votre passion, Monsieur! I would like to see the video clip of Fred playing his piano in La Motte

    Many thanks!

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