From Geoff Bunn

“For my own part I knew Fred briefly in France. He had a place in Rancon and I in neighbouring Roussac. We met in Roussac. And then we spent a little time together at his place in Rancon and he showed me what he termed ‘a little’ about painting – it may have been a little to Fred but for me it meant a great deal!
“After our initial meeting we actually went out to paint together on two or three occassions; something I gather was rather unusual for Fred. (Others may know different?) And as it turned out that he and I both adored a little chapel just outside Rancon – we spent some time there. We also spent a little time on one or two of the beautiful small rivers of the area. With my regret being – and Fred’s I think – that he could not really get down to the rocky gorge on the Couze river near Balledent. I’m sure it is a place he would have loved.
“I was a lot younger than Fred – and, although full of life and the joy of life as he was – I did have the impression that he was a little uneasy about something (his health?) at that point in time. And perhaps he felt the need for company on these occassions. I hope that I am doing him no disservice to mention this. In any case, I am probably wrong and it was just something I felt.
“Very sad to hear of his passing. He was a grand man and great artist!”
Geoff Bunn

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  1. 1 dave

    loved the work .

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