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We are pleased to announce that ‘Saturday Afternoon’ painted by Fred in 1953 will be on show the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery as part of their Paintings Unwrapped Exhibition. The exhibition features work from their permanent collection and will include work by Alma Tadema, William Blake, Fernand Léger, William Scott and Glyn Philpot and of course Fred Yates. For futher details please refer to their web-site:

Paintings Unwrapped
13 December 2008 to 13 April 2009


2 Responses to “Brighton & Hove Museum”

  1. 1 Sandra Meaney & Kevin Felton

    I was sitting in bed this morning and said to Kevin, I don’t remember receiving a Christmas card from Fred this year, to my horror he told me that Fred had died, and I never knew. Kevin has been working in Mexico and was telling his friends there about how wonderful Fred was when they looked on the website only to read the sad news.
    We have both known Fred for almost 30 years and are lucky to have several pieces of his work, and many photos. We met Fred at the St. Austell Arts Club and he used to come to our house for supper every week. Kevin often used to go on painting trips with Fred in his beat up old car.
    He moved and we moved, but over the years we always kept in touch and we had many lovely letters from him and several long phone calls, often months apart, sometimes asking advice which we were happy to give. We so often said that we would visit him in France, but our work and family commitments sadly prevented this.
    I cannot explain to those of you who never knew him what an honour it was to have known this great man as a friend both in hard and good times, he never changed he was so human.
    I am sure I could write much more about him, but I am still very sad that I never knew we had lost him, but he will always remain in our hearts.
    God bless Fred

  2. 2 Adam


    I live in Brighton and saw this painting in the museum last week. I thought it was fabulous and an internet search to find out more about the artist has led me here. I’m so sorry to hear of Fred’s recent death but am certainly inspired to look for more of his work. Thank you for building this site.


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