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If you would like to add your thoughts to this blog you can either send them to who will add them as a new post or click on ‘comment’  at the end of the existing entries and add your stories there. I am trying to make the site more interactive in the hope that it will eventually take on a character of it’s own but as I am learning as I go along, you will have to bear with me.

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  1. 1 melville grigg

    I first met Fred in the spring of 2006. I was introduced to him in the little “salon du the” on the rue Lamartine in Bellac. I was born near to Fowey in Cornwall so we had alot to talk about. Later I gave him a lift to his little house in Rancon, such an interesting, peaceful place. We spent a few hours in each other’s company, a couple of weeks later he annouced that he was returning to La Drome and I saw him off on the bus to Limoges, the first stage. I did not see him again until the spring of 2008, the27th april to be exact. He invited me to have a meal with him at the cafe by the pont de la pierre. That particular evening,28th, I met up with him about 6pm, he was sat in a canvass chair beside theVincou, painting. Fred loved les vides greniers and would insist on buying me some small item. At that time he was full of ideas for the future, including moving to Bellac. I found Fred’s book,”c’est votre passion monsieur”, a joy to read. This year I vsited his grave in Marazion, so close to St. Michael’s mount. This Sept. I visited Rancon and took some photos of the Chapelle de St. Sulpice, I noticed that,pinned to thedoor, is a photo of Fred painting the chapel I gave a photo of Fred to the owner of the Cafe du Commerce in Rancon, to put behind the bar. I did not know him for long but I won’t forget him.

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